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  • En kerro 2016-12-09 18:50:48

    Halpoja lamppupaketteja ja toimitus 5 pvä.

    Cheap lamp sets and arrived in 5 days.


  • Leif 2016-05-28 13:44:25

    Very good site with alot of diffrent cheap products, shipment arrives very fast and are super good packed. If you order on monday from finland it will arrive on friday. Also huge thanks to support they answer very quickly and love to help out this is a very good company who puts customer first. I will be ordering again, points: 5/5

    Todella hyvä yhtiö, tilasin maanantaina ja perjantaina oli koti ovella. Vastaavat todella nopeesti kysymyksiin ja auttaa jos on jotaki hämminkiä ja puhuvat todella hyvää englantia. Tosi hyvä kauppa ja paljon halpoja tuotteita, tuun tilamaan usein täältä. Pisteet: 5/5

    Väldigt bra sida o beställa från för dom är alltid kunden först, väldigt bra paketerat, beställde på måndag och dom bor in det på fredag. Väldigt bra på att svara på dina frågor och svarar snabb dom är alltid redp för att hjälpa och pratar jätte bra engelska kommer definitivt beställa igen. Poäng: 5/5

  • Miikka 2016-05-18 22:04:37

    Erittäin tyytyväinen kauppaan! Hyvin pakattu (iskuilta ja kosteudelta suojattu) paketti sisälsi kaiken mitä tilasin ja toimitus oli nopea (paketti lähti liikkeelle samana päivänä kun maksu saapui perille). Ja kun hinnat ovat kohdallaan ja asiakaspalvelu kohteliasta niin voin turvallisin mielin tehdä jatkossakin ostokseni täällä. Kiitos!

    Happy new customer! Parcel packed with care to prevent damage of hits and moisture. Got everything I ordered and delivery was quick (they sent the packet SAME day they received my payment). Hard to find better prices and customer care works. This is the place I will make my purchases in future. Thank you!

  • Jakko 2016-04-20 16:22:37

    Asiakaspalvelu on vertaansa vailla, erittäin tyytyväinen toimintaan!

  • Marko 2016-04-07 04:35:11

    fast delivery, very good packing totally recommended =) nice work

Ventilation kit TT125 280m3/h + Phresh Filter 300m3/h

114,00 € tax incl.

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The kit includes:

1x Fan TT-125 220m³/h-280m³/h. (upgradable to TT125UN - integrated fan controll & temp. sensor)

1x Carbon filter 'Phresh Filter' 300m3/h - 100mm

1x Ventilation Aluminium Ducting 127mm, 1m. (upgrade to Combi-Flex or Sounproof ducting )

1x plug with 1,5m cord.

1x 100mm --> 125mm plastic reducer

TT 125 fan has two positions, a situation where it is rated at 220 m3 / h and another location with power of 280 m3 / h.

Sound level of 220 m3 / h power: 29dBA

Sound level of 280 m3 / h power: 36dBA


Sound insulated ventilation tube will help you to lower the sound of your ventilation. Ideal for use both at the suck and the craving of the fan.

Carbon filter Phresh Filter, Australia.

Phresh filter produces the best carbon filters for growing on the market at this moment and uses only carbon of the highest quality from Australia.

Most of carbon filters on the market can not handle higher air humidity than 60%. This can give you as a grower big problems with smells and particles that are not filtered out.

Phresh Filters manages humidity up to 80%, with it you can feel safe!

Using carbon filters remove all odors, pollen and other particles from your growing. You can connect the carbon filter before the fan so that it sucks in air from the space you grow in. The air blowing out of the fan with carbon filter on connected becomes 100% smells, pollen and particle free.

Max capacity: 300m3/h
Connection size: 100mm
Height: 30cm
Width: 18cm
Carbon: Granular - High Activity – Australian RC48
Maximum humidity: 80%

Additionally, you can add to your kit  silencing suppressor for to reduce fan noise (30% - 40%) 



You can upgrade the fan in this kit to TT125UN fan with temperature sensor and fan controler

You can upgrade your ventilation hose to Combi-Flex or Sounproof ducting

Read more about TT125UN

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