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  • En kerro 2016-12-09 18:50:48

    Halpoja lamppupaketteja ja toimitus 5 pvä.

    Cheap lamp sets and arrived in 5 days.


  • Leif 2016-05-28 13:44:25

    Very good site with alot of diffrent cheap products, shipment arrives very fast and are super good packed. If you order on monday from finland it will arrive on friday. Also huge thanks to support they answer very quickly and love to help out this is a very good company who puts customer first. I will be ordering again, points: 5/5

    Todella hyvä yhtiö, tilasin maanantaina ja perjantaina oli koti ovella. Vastaavat todella nopeesti kysymyksiin ja auttaa jos on jotaki hämminkiä ja puhuvat todella hyvää englantia. Tosi hyvä kauppa ja paljon halpoja tuotteita, tuun tilamaan usein täältä. Pisteet: 5/5

    Väldigt bra sida o beställa från för dom är alltid kunden först, väldigt bra paketerat, beställde på måndag och dom bor in det på fredag. Väldigt bra på att svara på dina frågor och svarar snabb dom är alltid redp för att hjälpa och pratar jätte bra engelska kommer definitivt beställa igen. Poäng: 5/5

  • Miikka 2016-05-18 22:04:37

    Erittäin tyytyväinen kauppaan! Hyvin pakattu (iskuilta ja kosteudelta suojattu) paketti sisälsi kaiken mitä tilasin ja toimitus oli nopea (paketti lähti liikkeelle samana päivänä kun maksu saapui perille). Ja kun hinnat ovat kohdallaan ja asiakaspalvelu kohteliasta niin voin turvallisin mielin tehdä jatkossakin ostokseni täällä. Kiitos!

    Happy new customer! Parcel packed with care to prevent damage of hits and moisture. Got everything I ordered and delivery was quick (they sent the packet SAME day they received my payment). Hard to find better prices and customer care works. This is the place I will make my purchases in future. Thank you!

  • Jakko 2016-04-20 16:22:37

    Asiakaspalvelu on vertaansa vailla, erittäin tyytyväinen toimintaan!

  • Marko 2016-04-07 04:35:11

    fast delivery, very good packing totally recommended =) nice work

TT100 Inline fan 187m³/h

39,00 € tax incl.


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TT100 is a very good inline fan built in high quality plastic. Intake and extraction of the fan is 100mm.

The fan has two speeds that can be set at 147 and 187m³/h.
Remember that if you use the fan with carbon filter the carbon filter must always have a larger capacity than the fan.


Power: 147-187 m3/h
Noise level:
147m3 : 28dBA
187m3 : 36dBA



The VENTS TT  fans are featured with wide capabilities and high performance of axial and centrifugal fans and are specifically designed for supply and exhaust ventilation of premises requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level.

The fans are compatible with round air ducts from Ø 100 to 315 mm. Exhaust ventilation systems based on the VENTS TT fans are the best solution for ventilation of bathrooms and kitchens and other humid premises as well for ventilation of flats, cottages, shops, cafes, etc.


The fan casing is made of high quality and durable materials: ABS plastic for the VENTS TT series.

The removable impeller and motor block with a terminal box is fixed to the casing assembled with the spigots by means of special clamps with latches.

This makes the fan maintenance fast and easy. The fan maintenance does not require total disassembling. Just pull out the central block from the casing and perform required servicing. All the models may be equipped with a regulated timer with turn-off delay adjustable from 2 to 30 min.

TT design features

The inlet spigot is equipped with a collector to enable smooth air inlet to the fan. The hemispheric impeller shape and specially profiled blades increase the air flow circular velocity and provide higher pressure and capacity as compared to standard axial fans.

The diffuser, the specially profiled impeller and the directing vanes at outlet from the fan casing distribute air flow in such a way as to attain the best combination of high performance, enhanced pressure and low noise.


The models of VENTS TT series are equipped with a single-phase motor and are available in single- or two-speed modifications. 

The motors have thermal overheating protection to prevent the motor overload. The ball bearings extend the motor service life up to 40 000 hrs. at non-stop operation.

The motor has IP X4 ingress protection rating.


The fans are suitable for mounting at any angle and point of the system. Several fans may be installed inside one system.

  • parallel mounting to increase air flow;
  • in series mounting to increase operating pressure;

The fan case is equipped with a flat mounting plate to attach the fan to the wall. The mounting box may be installed in any position to facilitate mounting and wiring.


IMPORTANT!!! Remember to correctly connect fan.

In case wrong wires connecting the fan will burn down!!!

Here you can check how to connect fan TT.


The fan does not include power cable.

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