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  • En kerro 2016-12-09 18:50:48

    Halpoja lamppupaketteja ja toimitus 5 pvä.

    Cheap lamp sets and arrived in 5 days.


  • Leif 2016-05-28 13:44:25

    Very good site with alot of diffrent cheap products, shipment arrives very fast and are super good packed. If you order on monday from finland it will arrive on friday. Also huge thanks to support they answer very quickly and love to help out this is a very good company who puts customer first. I will be ordering again, points: 5/5

    Todella hyvä yhtiö, tilasin maanantaina ja perjantaina oli koti ovella. Vastaavat todella nopeesti kysymyksiin ja auttaa jos on jotaki hämminkiä ja puhuvat todella hyvää englantia. Tosi hyvä kauppa ja paljon halpoja tuotteita, tuun tilamaan usein täältä. Pisteet: 5/5

    Väldigt bra sida o beställa från för dom är alltid kunden först, väldigt bra paketerat, beställde på måndag och dom bor in det på fredag. Väldigt bra på att svara på dina frågor och svarar snabb dom är alltid redp för att hjälpa och pratar jätte bra engelska kommer definitivt beställa igen. Poäng: 5/5

  • Miikka 2016-05-18 22:04:37

    Erittäin tyytyväinen kauppaan! Hyvin pakattu (iskuilta ja kosteudelta suojattu) paketti sisälsi kaiken mitä tilasin ja toimitus oli nopea (paketti lähti liikkeelle samana päivänä kun maksu saapui perille). Ja kun hinnat ovat kohdallaan ja asiakaspalvelu kohteliasta niin voin turvallisin mielin tehdä jatkossakin ostokseni täällä. Kiitos!

    Happy new customer! Parcel packed with care to prevent damage of hits and moisture. Got everything I ordered and delivery was quick (they sent the packet SAME day they received my payment). Hard to find better prices and customer care works. This is the place I will make my purchases in future. Thank you!

  • Jakko 2016-04-20 16:22:37

    Asiakaspalvelu on vertaansa vailla, erittäin tyytyväinen toimintaan!

  • Marko 2016-04-07 04:35:11

    fast delivery, very good packing totally recommended =) nice work

Mammoth tents There are no products.

Mammoth has unfortunately an error in the product descriptions on their tents.
It says in some product descriptions that it should be 3pc metal tubes in the ceiling.

But it's unfortunately a mistake in the description provided in the tent cartons.
It should therefore at all 40, 60, 80, 90, 100, 120 and 150 models only be two metal tubes in the ceiling for hanging the lamp and fan.

Mammoth is a well-known growing tent brand from Holland.
They have long been known on the market for high quality and professional products.
Mammoth has four quality levels of their tents to meet each grower's expectations.

Mammoth Lite - is the cheapest tent from Mammoth, perfect for the beginner who don't wish to spend a fortune on their new hobby.
Offers the price-conscious grower an easy and effective way to manage and contain their grows
• Equipment tubes are strong enough to hold up to 40kg
• Highly reflective fabric
• Material is washable inside and out
• Assembly is quick and easy

Mammoth Classic - is the tent series from Mammoth in standard quality.
A high quality tent for the hobby grower, this mid-range grow
room has features normally associated with higher end tents
• Light proof design
• Equipment tubes are strong enough to hold 50kg
• Large doors - easy to access and work in
• Various intakes and exhausts make setup flexible
• Straps and hooks for easy integration of equipment
• Material is washable inside and out

Mammoth Pro - is the tent series from Mammoth which comes just after the Elite in quality. The tent is of very high quality.
A high end range, ideal for the professional grower
• Light proof design
• Polypropylene corners for maximum rigidity
• Equipment tubes that have 60kg load capacity
• Large doors - easy to access and work in
• Material is washable inside and out
• Straps and hooks for easy integration of equipment
• Light, easy-to-transport material and is easy to assemble
• The range also features Mammoth Dual (3 & 4)
Mammoth Propagator (3 & 4) and Mammoth Dryer (3)

Mammoth Elite - These growing tents are the most professional growing tents on the market.
The ultimate in quality for the professional grower
• Heavy duty frame, corners and fabric, with
stainless steel / aluminium click system
• Dual multiple intake and extraction socks
• Equipment tubes that have a 75kg load capacity
• Wide easy access door, with jamproof / waterproof
zipper. Waterproof floor
• Large doors - easy to access and work in
• Material is washable inside and out
• Modular: customize your own grow room by
combining different Elites sizes - unique linkable
panels - your shape, your size